I’m a game designer and 3d Artist , part of a two-man dev team working on a dynamic , tactical card game focused on representing plausible if-not-realistic ship-to-ship combat in space. (as realistic as a card game about spaceships can be).

Currently we have a functional implementation of the ship to ship combat, but we didn’t implement any of our ideas on the meta-game part, where you focus more on your ship and crew, so that part is a total placeholder at the moment.

Visually we try to approach the game in a semi-realistic fashion, The Expanse series has been a big inspiration there

if any of you want to check out the build, you can download it at:


The game is easy to play once you get a hang of it, but it can have a steep learning curve for some, so please read the placeholder tutorial text in the main menu

(it also has some non-standard card game rules, like purposefully discarding cards in your hand by right clicking on them, and so on, so really, read the tutorial)

Source: itch.io

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