Hi. I just released CreatorCrate on itch! I’ve been making it for 7 years. It’s about a cute appliance with a grabby robot arm that escapes from its makers and goes on a rampage.  https://creatorcrate.itch.io/creatorcrate

CreatorCrate is a unique blend of intense action and quick thinking. The closest game is Spelunky, but CreatorCrate has its own style of grabby tossy chaos. You control a robot arm to move the objects around you to stun enemies, block bullets, and disarm traps. It has a slapstick, Jackie Chan movie style of action, where the player is always analyzing the situation and improvising with the objects at hand to squeeze out an advantage. 

The game also has a really unique setting: a massive spinning space station, inspired by hard sci-fi like The Expanse. Gravity shifts as you explore, from the freedom of low gravity acrobatics near the center of rotation to the terror of being brutally pulled into space at the outer edge. In Zero G, you float weightless, run on walls, and propel yourself with the recoil of firearms. You can never trust your expectations in this labyrinth of curved floors and devious traps.

Source: itch.io

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