This made Unreal Engine’s ray tracing functionality a key tool in creating the solution. “Unreal’s ray tracing system helps us to produce highly photorealistic images,” says Wieland. “It is both powerful and flexible. Shadows and reflections have never looked so real in a game engine before. It also allows us to mix ray tracing with traditional game rendering features, achieving the performance and the quality we want.”The second part of the puzzle is the ability to produce these world-class photorealistic images at lightning speed. Car configurators need to deliver images instantaneously. To achieve this, the team has put a lot of effort into performance optimization—not only within Unreal Engine, but also in the cloud infrastructure. This included optimizing request handling, logic resolution, caching, and data transfers.

Because Unreal Engine’s entire source code is available on GitHub, the team could integrate custom code and extend the application’s abilities to achieve its goals. Unreal Engine also provides two methods to create custom functionalities: C++ and Blueprint visual scripting. Both have been used extensively by Mackevision to create a highly performant application.

Personalization of digital assets 

The potential applications of Mackevision’s render-on-demand solution stretch far beyond automotive. The technology is agnostic to clients or industries, with the potential to transform marketing content creation across fashion, consumer goods, retail, industrial equipment, and many other sectors. 

With the pandemic shifting user behavior towards digital channels, many of Mackevision’s clients are transforming as well. 

As a society, we’re turning away from the 20th-century model of mass marketing and mass communication. That model was based on a combination of broadcast conversations and selective, limited listening.  In order to stand out today, it’s critical that companies differentiate their brand experience and are relevant with the content they offer.

In short, we’re now in an era where personalization is key. Mackevision’s new render-on-demand system is in perfect sync with this new world, offering a way for companies to provide customized, relevant content at scale, in a way that’s both fast and cost-effective. 

Source: Unreal Engine Blog

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