Hey my name is Faizaan(19) and I started making my first ever game 3 months ago thinking it would go nowhere… I am now proud to announce the game is now available to play on Steam! Please check it out as it would mean the world to a young indie dev! Thank you!



In this third person exploration game centred around a soldier in his final moments in the elysian field. Experience the final moments of a dying man as he wonders through the elysian field witnessing the last thoughts and memories of others before he too leaves his final mark. Players can explore an atmospheric environment and speak to another soldier before he too passes. Try to find some peace in these last moments before the eventual end comes.

Key Features:

1) An atmospheric environment to be explored by players

2)An emotional soundtrack including the likes of Jakob Ahlbom and Silver Maple

3) A short emotional story (Around 10-15 Minutes) with little gameplay


Source: itch.io

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