Hey guys!

Just got our first game set up on itch.io! Check out our page here: https://colony-wars-redux.itch.io/colony-wars-redux

Colony Wars: Redux:

Story driven, 3D space combat simulators from the Playstation 1 era.

In 1997 “Colony Wars” landed on the PlayStation 1. We joined the League of Free Worlds and their epic struggle for freedom, now we join them again. Join the resistance, hop in the cockpit of your Dark Angel and join us as we take the fight to the tyrannical Earth Empire.

Rebuilt from the ground up, “Colony Wars: Redux” brings the first two games in the franchise into the modern era with modernized graphics, improved enemy A.I., all the space combat action of the originals, and an entirely new 3rd game that will carry on the legacy. These games mean a great deal to us and we hope to you as well.

Source: itch.io

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