I should have posted this a few days ago but work and that annoying thing called real life got in the way, but anyway here goes…
I just released the demo of my game, Dungeons of Mysteria It is a procedurally generated, first person, roguelite set in the ancient lands of Mysteria. The demo consists of a single pre seeded dungeon to give you an idea of what you would mostly be doing, hacking and slashing.

But the full game has other features such as town building. When your character has amassed 1000 or more gold they can retire and open a shop then you can visit this shop between dungeons with your next characters. Slowly building a small town out of your old characters. 

here is a link to the game page
Dungeons of Mysteria by Grindalf Games (itch.io)

And because a video can say soooo much more than me here is the trailer

Source: itch.io

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