What I’ve been working on :

+Added Mp7 smg
+Added Sweeper shotgun
+Added Sten smg
+Added Draco smg
+Added Awp Sniper
+Added scopes with zoomed fov
+Added 2 cutscenes
+Added 2 new ravager types
+Shotgun Ravager

+Priority Target System (Eliminate special targets on the map for xp)
+Harvest System (Harvest magic void points around the map for xp)
+New Target and Harvest systems play into your level completion stats.
+The map now tells you the current status of a levels completion
+ ? on map for locations you haven’t visited
+ ! on map for locations you haven’t finished
+ ✔ on map for locations you have finished
+ ★ on map for locations you have 100 percented
+Finished drafts for the first 3 maps westmont, bluffs, and harbrook
+Abilities can now be selected from the map menu
+Added a FOV slider in options menu
+Added SFX and Music volume sliders in options menu
+Added level victory screen with level stats

+Added a You died! screen on player death
+Increased ammo given from pistol ammo drops
+Reduced amount of assault ammo drops can give
+AI director now spawns more enemies during level events
+Improved Geoff’s design

+Improved Map Design

What’s coming next :

New Map Holly

New Map Twin Creeks
More Cutscenes / Skippable Cutscenes

New Trailer, Screenshots, and Steam Banners

Source: Indie DB

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