Hello everybody,

I have published a first prototype of Cardside Place.
The card game is inspired by the minigame “Triple Triad” from the “Final Fantasy” series, but comes with a lot of own ideas and will be extended by a lot.

I would be happy about lively feedback, preferably in my community entries to be able to learn what could be even better, just like, or you wish in the game.


  • the player color – with the most cards on a 3×3 field wins a round
  • a game ends – when 2 to 5 matches are won
  • collect cards – to expand the collection
  • different abilities – Ghosts, Elements, Healer, Mirror, Poison, Kohai, Senpai provide for different tactics
  • direct attacks – the higher numerical value of a card side wins
  • indirect attacks – Plus and Same allow even weaker cards to attack successfully
  • rule variety – the different abilities can be switched on and off as desired
  • control – mainly with mouse and left click (keyboard needed for player name change)


visit game site

Source: itch.io

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