About the game:

Genre: Visual Novel

Status: Active development

Business model: Free to play with optional donations

Welcome to Euriza – harsh equivalent of 1960’s Cold War Europe.

Meet Sonia Yagodnaya – our young playable protagonist in the 0.1 version.

Lead Sonia through several days, living as an activist of the Iron Fist Party, and a daughter of Milicja captain. Decide whether you want to stick up with the government, or betray your father’s values and become a freedom fighter.

About author:

My name is Michał Stolarski (Drogowit Pomorski). I made this game as a tribute to all those who lived and live in opressed countries. I wanted to enable everyone coming from a free country to understand what life was in the former soviet bloc. My project is a loose interpretation of Cold War Europe.

Worth noting:

As of 08/07/2021, many images and audio are already in-game files, but are not implemented yet due to personal error and overwriting the original script. I will get this fixed in the coming days!

Source: itch.io

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