We are happy to announce the release of the prototype of our first game “Pin Them“. It is a first person archery, tower defense, action game with active rag dolls as enemies.  


The undead spawn from four red portals on the map and try to reach the blue portal in the ancient library. You have to stop them with your bow by killing them with headshots or pinning them to the wall or the floor. Some of them wear helmets to resist one headshot. You can also slow them down by making them trip over each other. Over time more and more undead will come and you have to survive as long as you can. You will receive points for the time you survived and for every hit or kill. 🏹🛡

Because of the positive feedback we received from the community we decided to make a full game out of it, starting in October 21. You can download the prototype for free and give us feedback. And don’t forget to tell us your best high score! ðŸ’¯


We are three indie game developers from Germany and we are on our road to become full time game devs. If you want to connect and get regular updates you can find us on all of our channels on this linktree. And finally if you want to support us on our journey, you can gift us a coffee â˜•ï¸ to keep those creative juices flowing!

Thank you so much, we hope you like the game! Now go and PIN THEM ALL! 😁

Source: itch.io