Hello there!

Just published my first videogame demo ever and I’d like to know what people, and possibly other devs, think about it. I made it almost all by myself from scratch except for the concept design of the bosses.

FROGLORY is a challenging game, a 2D Platformer in which you always bounce instead of walking!
You can see some gameplay right here in the trailer I made myself this morning instead of sleeping: 

There’s more, but I think there’s already enough info on the page itself:


I know ,it sounds twisted since it is a game that requires pixel perfect precision to make it bounce continuously, but I wanted to make my platformer  to stand out and also to “force ” platformer’s veterans to learn a game with it’s own set of rules that doesn’t feel like the hundreth Mario-clone. 

If you read until this point, thank you and please consider playing the game and giving me some feedbacks after ;D

Source: itch.io