Hello from Santa Claus =)

In this topic, let’s talk about the game.
1) This game will make you come up with tactics, because without tactics you will not pass.
2) This toy was created for the New Year mood =)


Games – https://ib-games.itch.io/new-year-2021

VK – vk.com/ib_games

Email – [email protected]

W, A, S, D or Up arrow, Left arrow, Down arrow, Right arrow – Walking
Left mouse, before the sounds – Turn Off
Right mouse, before the sounds – Turn On
ESC – Exit to the main menu(Progress is not saved)

What to do in this game?
– You need to collect 10 gifts and go to Santa Claus. That’s all =)

What do you need to remember and do?
– It is desirable, you need to remember the layout, because the first time, it is impossible to complete the game.
– It is advisable to do / come up with your own tactics

How to understand what you won?
– Easy! Just by the end of the game, the voice of Santa Claus will be heard.

Everything that is difficult to pass, it should be so, to complicate the game.
For example: «The player is 30% down behind the map(This is not a bug, this is how it should be)» =))).

Source: itch.io