GrandMa ! The new free point and click by Adipson is online !

Hello !

I present to you my second game.

Only on  PC – Windows

This is a pilot episode of a point and click adventure entirely carried out under AGS, with Grandma and her black cat Marius …

A very short game that can be completed in 30 minutes maximum.
The complete scenario is in place, but I do not yet know if I will do the second …
please players … it is very likely …
If everyone does not care … it will only remain the pilot stage šŸ™‚

This is the great period of the COVID19 crisis, spanning 2021 with its COVID20 version.
In a small town in France, in a suburban HLM, GrandMa sleeps peacefully while waiting for the day of confinement to pass … like all other days.

That morning, she woke up suddenly and found herself facing her cat Marius, hungry and determined not to let go of her with a sole until she had given him food …
 The adventure then begins for GrandMa who will go from surprise to surprise to see her morning turn into a quest in the pure tradition of point and click …

Some captures…

There are 3 hidden achievements to unlock in this episode … it’s up to you to find them!

Good game !


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