ILL-FATED is a collection of micro roleplaying games where, to put it simply, nobody is making it out alive. The micro-rpgs that you’ll find within this collection are all designed with the idea of giving players agency over an aspect of their characters that most games simply leave to chance, namely their untimely end. All of the games that will be found under the ILL-FATED umbrella are setting-agnostic, one-shot, accessible, and deeply rooted in a guiding theme. 
Currently, there is only one game included in the collection, but more will be added as time passes. 
Games included in this build:

Evil Eye

Civilization lies behind you, the unknown looms like a vast and gaping wound before you. Something in the unknown calls to you, whether vast cyclopean ruins, some forgotten derelict, or something else. Whether you stand before this threshold out of desperation, duty or determination, you don’t stand alone. Whether or not you intended to do this with fellows, with fellows it shall be done. Before the threshold can be crossed, however, something or someone blocks your path. It may be a wizened and ancient crone, an unnatural monolith of unknowable origins, or something else altogether. Regardless of the form it takes, something about this obstacle draws your gaze as you pass it by, if only for a second.

 While your gaze is affixed, you are gifted a flash of knowledge that crashes into your mind with the weight of truth and certainty. You enter the unknown with this revelation wracking your body and mind, having been granted the briefest view into your own future…or at the very least how it will end.


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