Mien Studios have just released their project “Monster Party” to itch! We have been working on this for a while and we are happy it’s to the stage where we can announce it!

This is a big learning curve for us, so we are excited so see how it turns out! 

If you’re interested, Add it to your collections and follow us!

Itch Link: https://mienstudios.itch.io/monster-party

Welcome to 

Monster Party!

Prom is in a week! But… You haven’t got a date for the prom?! But… Who will you choose?

There are Datable Characters!

  • Kurusu
  • Damien
  • Anorak
  • Hanael
  • Gomi
  • Inu
  • Neko
  • Elu
  • Frank (Stein)
    Meet Them Here: 

Meet them all here! https://mienstudios.itch.io/monster-party/devlog/162040/meet-the-characters

The Team

Mien Studios is a brand new team, consisting of 4 people! Join our discord for updates on our project, and new projects we are working on! Discord

Mien Studios Staff

Muri– Owner, Management, Art, Background, Writing Twitter – ArtFight–  Discord

Hypers  –  Programming, Translating Twitter – Twitch – YouTube – Discord

RiMsels – Writing,  Translating

Meg – Music Twitter – Music

We hope you guys like the concept / art and we are looking forward to releasing more updates 🙂

Source: itch.io