Hi all,

    Here is the first (built) release of a tool I wrote to generate lot and lot of names (millions). It is written in Java, so should run everywhere, but the itch.io build is only for Windows now. If you want to prepare a build for another platform, feel free to contact me!

The GUI is very ugly, I hate doing GUI, especially using Swing, but the tool is quite flexible and very fast. I added last week a template-based renderer, using a custom template system which is very simple. That way you can quickly generate some code. I did that for my naval game (Sea Wars, published also on Itch.io) so all units can have an unique name.

If you use it successfully for your project, feel free to contribute a bit, or buy my other project :). That would be a great encouragement :).

The source is available under MIT licence. So feel free to use the code as you want!


Source: itch.io

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