Spaceslingers is a meditative but tense gravity-based space game. Deliver packages to target planets while slingshotting yourself around the universe using the gravity of blackholes and whiteholes and the geometry breaking warps of wormholes, all the while avoiding various hazards along the way.

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The game is deceptively simple, pick a direction and launch, but it takes a lot of skill to actually get good. After you launch the various bodies will push or pull you gravitationally and hopefully you will land on your target. If not, you can reset and try again, with your previous direction and launch speed shown, so you can tweak your trajectory. It’s quite a relaxing puzzle game, with bursting moments of tension as you get closer and closer to your target. Very near misses can hurt the soul šŸ˜‰

I’ve been working on it for about a month now and it’s coming along really nicely. The game itself is made in GMS2, with all the graphics being done in Inkscape and then imported as png’s. It’s been quite a journey and my goal with this game has been to keep the scope down. The many game jams I’ve participated in (and previous projects I’ve worked on) have slowly smashed that tidbit of knowledge deeper and deeper into my brain and I think it’s finally there to stay.

Hoping to release sometime in the next 3-6 months (the game will be done well before then, but I’ve got a lot of preparations to do in order to launch it, plus trying to build hype takes so much time), but the game is nearly feature complete right now. A lot of what is left to do is just making many, many more puzzles.

You can follow the project here:

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