Recently released horror TTRPG created for the Wretched and Alone game jam.

Xylophobia is a solo-journaling horror experience. The game features six original drawings and six original pieces of micro-fiction. But only you can tell the full story of what happens as you clamber through the darkening forest. Similar to games like Dread, Xylophobia recommends using a jumbling tower to simulate your mental state. Additionally, you will need a deck of cards (with or without the Jokers, depending on how lucky you’re feeling), a 6-sided die, tokens, and a journaling device such as pen and paper or a recorder.

There has been some really positive feedback from my playtesters and I hope that you will also take the time to experience the game for yourselves. I welcome conversation and have even been given inspiration to continue the story in an expansion. But in order to do that, I’ll need your help. Happy playing.


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