It is May 1841, just another day but not for Dan McCallister. Dan is a paranormal investigator on the search for a missing town girl named Jane. But she is not the only victim on this island, the island has a story as old as time can remember, the disappearances of 1 victim every May 24th. The number 24 has been drilled into the minds of many, piercing fear into the hearts of many on this island. Could Jane still be alive? Will we be alone in the dark on this search? So many questions. but currently there are so few answers….

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2 In Game images from demo shown below :

P.S. – This game is made by one 16 year old kid so there may/will be bugs and will not be the most polished release. But in the development of the full Chapter One release all issues will be ironed out and lot’s effort is going into this game šŸ˜€