The final version of The Swine is now available with all of its occult and esoteric glory.

Enjoy being terrorized in your rural home by strange masked figures, with each passing day getting closer to finding out the truth about your agitators and their marked Tarot cards.

The game dives into themes like: isolation, betrayal, and cartomancy (witchcraft with the use of cards) while slipping deeper into the Chaos Magick that has been brought upon you.

Gameplay Features

  • Realistic graphics bring you closer to the terror.
  • Detailed environments bring the story to reality (leave the lights on or off, open all the doors and drawers, feel the dust and humidity of your old creaky house).
  • Find small clues hidden away that hint about events to come or events of the night before.
  • Discover a strange new breed of esoteric magic and it’s dark abilities
  • Talented Voice Actors bring the characters to life.

Screenshot 483

Screenshot 516

Screenshot 492

Screenshot 494

Fear the unknown: Who are these people that have crashed into your quiet life? What do they want? What twisted dogma do they believe?

Genre: A Psychological Horror Walking Simulator with puzzles, items, and story elements that takes place over a week tormented in your house.

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Hope you all enjoy!


Source: Indie DB

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