“:Neoxplosive” – Presentation of my first video game

• Description: In a remote part of the planet, time travelers have placed 12 time bombs that, if exploded at the same time, will endanger all of humanity. An elite organization (to which you belong) is ready to avoid extermination, sending your best fighter on this mission … to you.

• Game mode: It propels the orange ship against the neon spheres, so you are colliding against the time bomb that damages it, managing to eject the detonating gas so that it does not explode, and this is taken to the next level. If the chrono pump temperature reaches 100%, it will explode and the goal will not be achieved, we will have to start that level again. If a laser door gets in the way, it will just have to be knocked down with neon spheres of the same color. Final objective: deactivate the 12 chrono bombs.

• Features:

  • 2D physics game with rebounds, crashes and fortune. – Simple controls, easy to operate. Drag and drop. – 12 challenging levels where it takes time for skill and speed – Entertaining and maddening game for all ages. – Annoying and catchy sounds. – Characters with elegant designs.


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Hi, I’m PhoneticLight

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