Massive free Fantasy Expansion released for The Caribbean Sail!

Ahoy there lads!

I’m here to reveal the final massive content expansion that has just been added to The Caribbean Sail for free!

What started as a simple “two weeks in development” 8-bit nautical themed Oregon Trail game, has become a massive roguelite open world rags-to-riches pirate RPG with two different game-modes and a branching narrative that’s taken me over three years to bring this far.

I promised two free expansions when the game first released, and as of today I’ve kept them both by releasing Fantasy Toggle!

If you’d like to know what that entails, here’s the official post!

If you want to check out the game page, here it is!

I’m still updating the page with the new fantasy screenshots and trailer so here’s a Cybership firing lasers that might catch your eye.


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