Good day to all! I present to you my first 3D game, which I did for about 3 months from the very beginning, although at that time I didn’t really know anything about programming. I wrote all the scripts myself. Yes, it was difficult and painful. I made all the models in Blender. It was in the process that I learned how to use this program. Briefly about the game: you are an undercover agent, you were sent on a very important task – to get to the base of bandits and collect all the stolen gold bars. After your arrival, the bandits locked the door. Your task is to collect all the bars and open the front door to leave the base. But it’s not that simple. Almost every room is equipped with cameras, the bandits themselves walk around the base. Therefore, try to behave naturally, not to commit suspicious actions (for example, pick up bullion in the presence of cameras or bandits). The more suspicious actions you commit, the more aggressive the bandits will become. Search for keys, tools, break down barricades, copy and read notes, open safes.

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Any of your opinions are very important to me.

I hope you like it.


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