Fap Titans – Adult Clicker Game

Fap Titans is a clicker game where you are given the mission to stop the
invasion of a horde of unexpectedly sexy monsters. Upon starting, Akira
Hitsujikai quickly welcomes you to join her as a leader to confront the
monsters and help her in her mission to save the world.

As a clicker game, you do not have much to do aside of clicking a monster non-
stop to decrease its HP. You can buy new ‘heroes’ or ‘heroines’ and upgrade
their skills with the dropped cash the monster give upon defeat.

In a mystical and fantastical world, evil monsters attack and are driven back by sexy, slutty heroes. Each female hero has a different set of perks and abilities which can aid in taking down even the toughest enemy.

  •  Click Based Monster Fighting
  •  Level Up Progression
  •  Amazingly Rendered Enemies
  •  Incredible Art of Sexy Babe Heroes


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