As our hero sits in a prison cell in the depths of the Kind Queen’s deadly dungeon, Death is about to carry out her duty and cross the hero off her list. When suddenly her hourglass stops working. Since her hourglass determines the time every humanoid being has to fork over its soul to the realm of Death, naturally this constitutes an existential crisis for Death. So, counter-intuitively, Death herself spared our hero’s life – for now. Well, she rips out the soul, converts it into a ghostly wraith, and commands the hero to search for the cause of the time freeze.

With this new quest at hand, our hero has no choice but to explore this altered world in this new form. But, generous as Death inherently is, the hero gets one unique ability for this unusual quest: Possession of any living or once-living being. And with that comes the ability to use the special skills, that the possessed has or once had.

So join our ghostly hero and venture through this idle world in search of answers for Death and maybe, just maybe, a way to avoid the dire consequences of standing at the head of Death’s list.

Timeless Adventure A Journey to 1
Timeless Adventure A Journey to 2
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Timeless Adventure A Journey to 3

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