This is the type of game u’d randomly see on the internet that was just made for fun.

Tho I have to admit, when playing the game, the controls seem a bit hard, but u’ll get it right after playing for a couple of mins.

The player(you) is set in a cube…. Yea just a floor made out of cube, but scaled to be larger. Ur objective is to kill enemies(balls) to gather coins which u’ll then use to upgrade urself to fight off the 4 Bosses in the each 5 waves. Every time u kill a boss, or every 5 waves, new slightly stronger enemies(balls) spawns in to kill u for no reason, that’s how every survival game works. Each enemies(balls) u kill will get u 1 coin, each boss u kill gets u 30 coins. After u finish the killing the 4 Bosses, u’ll be on a kindof free-level where there is no bosses and u’ll just be having random enemies(balls again) be spawning on each new wave. And that’s pretty much it. I hope u’ll enjoy the game, took me about 18 days to make this game lol. U better be enjoying this game or else.


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