Shelley’s Conference Experiment

Hi. I have made  a hypertext narrative based on my critique of the film Computer Chess (Andrew Bujalski 2013). From the point of view of the main female protagonist. The images are illustrations based on stills from the film, with one from a MIT chess game jam in the 70’s and a couple of colour illustrations of chess tech. The written narrative are quoted from the film and do not necessarily match the stills. There are some player choices but the point is to be stuck in a loop, with variations, but nonetheless the same loop. Like computer chess. It is my first step into twine, I am not a coder or programmer, I am not logical at all. I am an artist and this is an experiment in story telling. Please let me know what you think (be honest, but kind, I have feelings). With best regards.


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Hi, I’m PhoneticLight

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