Demo Available

We have just uploaded a new version of our Demo (v0.821) for “Something Ate My Alien”.

This version includes all the fixes and enhancements we’ve  added mostly due to feed back from our previous demo.

About the Game

Something Ate My Alien is a 2D, digging and puzzle platformer game where you take the role of the AI Antalasia, and control your little Alien blobs to explore the planets you visit! Your task is to dig through the ground of the different worlds and find all the items required by the pirate that is hijacking you. During the adventure on each planet you have to battle environmental dangers, fight off wildlife, solve secret puzzle chambers, and all this while surviving on a depleting oxygen supply and a threat far scarier than the local wildlife.


About the Demo

The demo is taster of the full game, allowing access to an area of the first planet “Metis” and the chance to solve 3 of the puzzles on that planet, dig for resources & explore. There are no other restrictions to the demo other than the cut down area. 

It should give you about 30 minutes play time.

There will be very little changes now, hopefully only bug fixes as we approach our launch date of 18th June 2020.

The demo is available on Windows, Linux & Mac.


Get it here: