Gunslinger Of Tomorrow – Release Announcement

                                                                                  Howdy Gamers ? We are pleased to announce that ‘Gunslinger Of Tomorrow’, our second project is out now. ‘Gunslinger Of Tomorrow’, revolves around a superhuman trying to fight massively destructible machines, powerful enough to destroy the whole planet, as the last of Survival of Mankind.So step into the world of ‘Gunslinger Of Tomorrow’, and save the planet from massively powerful and destructive machines. So do you have what it takes to save the entire Planet, maybe Universe alone, with the help of some crazy blazing guns and a little bit of fortune?

                                                                                                                                      We really appreciate and value your support, significantly. We are kinda striving to get your feedback. Thanks a million Guys.

Gunslinger Of Tomorrow

Gunslinger Of Tomorrow download page

Gunslinger Of Tomorrow Official Trailer

Gunslinger Of Tomorrow Recorded Gameplay


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