Hey itch.io community!

My name’s Scott Mulligan. I make games with my buddy, Matthew Ventures, under our two person company, Black Vein Productions.

We just launched two new games on itch! We love the platform so far and found it super easy to navigate and use. 

Here are the games:

Tony Hawk’s Existential Nightmare – Free

A love letter to the sport of skating, Tony Hawk’s Existential Nightmare explores the decisions made along one skater’s path to become LEGENDARY!

And here’s the other one!

NSA Intern – $7.99

Become an intern at the National Safety Agency! Hack into the phones of potential terrorists and make them face justice!

It’s a long road forward, because there are as many potential terrorists as there are people in this world. However, through perseverance and patriotism, you can become the very best NSA Intern. Your new boss, an anthropomorphic magnifying glass named Glassy couldn’t be more excited to meet you!

If you have any questions, let me know! 

Source: itch.io