Welcome to our game: Leviathan’s Sword!

It’s a bullet hell rogue-lite with pirates, swords and lots of treasure!

In this game, you are a pirate who travels from ship to ship in order to kill the captains to free his crew, avenge them & unravel the mystery of the hidden treasure of the Leviathan.

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What makes us special?

  • 5 ships “dungeons” each in their own unique style, with their own enemies and bosses!
  • A hand-made dungeon generation system so no run will be the same!
  • Over 150 unique items to mix and match, making each run unique!
  • Bullet hell patterns that you have to dodge and destroy!
  • Plenty of NPC’s to free & doubloons to collect!
  • Expand your harbour and gain new features like; quests, gamemodes, shops, playable characters, and more!
  • Co-op, so you can play locally with a friend!
  • Daily challenges with a leaderboard!
  • And much, much more to come!

What’s the game?

Type: Roguelite/Bullet hell Players: 1-2 Platform: Steam

Duration: 20-40 min per run, with over 100+ hours of total playtime

Plays: Easy to learn, hard to master Controls: Keyboard/mouse & Controller

Similar games: Binding of Isaac, Enter the Gungeon

We can use your help!

We have a Kickstarter page that is currently gaining traffic, so check it out!

Thank you so much for checking out our game!

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– Michel

Nosgalor Games

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