Hey all, more than 8 years ago I released “Krog” – an odd dungeon crawler where you assume the role of an odd creature called Krog. It was the first solo-game I ever developed, and it’s how I learned Unity! The iOS and Android versions got over 100,000 downloads, and maintained a pretty dang good review score. Krog is back on iOS and Android now, but since it was made with Unity 5.1, it doesn’t run on any modern devices. I’m looking into options for restoring functionality.

ANYWAYS – The Windows release is still perfectly good, so I’m sharing it with the itch community now for free! Go on over and give it a play. It’s a little odd, but a fairly traditional top-down action RPG.

If you like it, please leave a comment so I can better understand demand for a remastered version. Thanks, folks!