Welcome to hell! Your suffering will commence in a moment…

Devil Devour Alive

You have been eternally damned to keep the Insatiable Devil alive by feeding him the blood of the wicked as they descend into hell.
Hi guys, Here’s our game Devil Devour Alive! We originally created it for Ludum Dare in 3 days and then took some time to create an Update with some bug fixes and new comfort features we couldn’t get in before the 3 day deadline.

Devil Devour Alive is a retro themed arcade game, It features a physics simulation of falling bodies grinding through gears, gore,  a hardcore soundtrack, flames, and the insatiable Devil himself. 

Although it’s been downloaded hundreds of times for Ludum Dare we have no comments on itch.io , so we’d really appreciate any feedback or comments you could give us on our page!


Thanks for checking it out!

Devil Devour Alive "box art"

Devil Devour Alive “box art”
Source: itch.io