Hello fellow gamers!!!

Our team has just opened early access to Oculus Quest VR Escape Room – FearWithin https://saapdigital.itch.io/the-fear-within

Fear Within  is a VR Escape Room Adventure inside the  dark locations filled with horror atmophere. Each room has a different experience, from classic escape room puzzles to action puzzles.

We have a very interesting and dark story and i think we have managed to create screepy atmosphere and quite a number of mind blowing puzzles.

You can see some of it here

Please comment as we are ready for interesting views and ideas! First ten subscribers of our youtube channel are going to get free early access!

So please subscribe play and review!

To get free access subscribe to our channel and send us email  (fearwithin@saapdigital.com ) with your credentials for us to give you the free key.

Please have fun!

Source: itch.io