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         Tangled Kibo

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Tangled Kibo is the result of 3 months of development of a Final Master Project that I have done in the Master of Development and Programming of Video Games and Virtual Reality of CICE, the Professional School in New Technologies.

Tangled Kibo is a prototype of a realistic third-person conversational RPG set in a mix of alternative science fiction worlds. The player must interact with the different elements and NPC’s to overcome the quest.

Kibo is a carefree girl who is late home after finishing her school day. Everything seems normal until the next morning. Her family has disappeared. When she goes looking for them, she is involved in a strange situation. She is forced to cross a certain limit that will drag her into an unknown and futuristic world. There turns out to be the last hope and must help strangers to restore balance between worlds.

WASD + mouse to move. E to interact with objects and NPC’s. I to open your Life and Magic barr. Escape to Pause Menu.


Your comments would be greatly appreciated to help me improve my prototype. Thanks for checking it out!



Source: itch.io