Ourea – A Hand-Painted Cinematic Puzzle Game

Hey everyone,

We have just released the Beta for Ourea, a Cinematic Puzzle game we are developing! 


We are a small indie studio based out of Dublin, Ireland and are using this as opportunity to gather feedback for our release in July. We would really appreciate you taking the time to download and play our game! 

Ourea is an impactful Adventure Puzzle game, with a focus on Cinematography. Play as the last of the Oreads and unravel the mysterious history of your people, as you explore a story-rich environment.

Environmental Puzzles

Throughout the game, there are magical runes which can alter objects in different ways. You can use these to complete puzzles and explore the world.

Cinematic Shots

We have put careful thought into the framing and composition of every scene. This will help us tell the story through the environment, invoke emotions and create a complete cinematic game.

Interactive World

The world responds to the player’s presence. As you move through the  world, the environment will change and adapt to create an immersive experience.


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