Customize and Create Bots Then Do Battle In The Arena of Death!

Nuts & Bolts Scrapheap Rumble is a detailed rule set that allows players to custom build the battle-bots of their dreams and then compete in a hazard-filled arena. Tens of Thousands of Bot combinations possible. Requires 2d6 and a 7+ to hit your opponent for quick action.


  • PDF Rulebook (20 pages)
  • Armor, Weapon and Special Systems Data Charts
  • Excel Bot Design Sheet 
  • 3 Maps – Large Arena, 1v1 Arena, Rally Race 


  • A creative, flexible bot building process
  • Surprising your opponent with your latest Bot build
  • Lasers, Missiles, Saws, Plasma Torches and Harpoons!
  • Flipping and being flipped
  • Ramming and pushing into arena hazards
  • Design / Build time approx. 10-20 mins.
  • Play time approx. 20-30 mins.
  • Suitable for playing on