Here’s the public beta to my new football game! The aim is to make a game that is easy to learn, but hard to master. The problem I have with most arcade footy games is that the players can change direction on a whim; so I made my players have a little ‘weight’ to them, as does the ball. It’s still quite fast, but it tries to place the focus a bit more on tactics, and less on reflexes.

Basically, I’m aiming between modern PES/FIFA (that are too sluggish for me) physics, and indie arcade games.

It will have a focus on tactics; each team will have different stats (top speed / agility / ball control) so you can pick a team that fits your play style. You will also be able to pick a formation that goes well with it.

Then, you can lead your team through a World Cup, or play single matches against or with friends (local multiplayer). You can also play World Cup mode with local co-op.

Right now, you can play single matches, as a single player. The next update will add local multiplayer 🙂 Tactics are not a thing yet, but each team does have a specific formation. Hint: Italy plays really defensively 🙂

Enjoy! Download for free at