Riza Wolfe is the kind of person often referred to as a daydreamer. With her high school days approaching an end quicker than she would like, and the threat of a mundane adult life looming over her, she’s always wondering if there’s something more out there.

As it turns out, there is.

One day,  Riza receives an unassuming dream catcher as a gift, and soon after finds herself following a character she thought she’d made up through a mysterious nexus realm and into a parallel world, where she is supposedly one of seven “Dreamers” of legend. She gets what she’s always wanted–an adventure, and a greater purpose…sort of. The problem is, no one seems to know exactly why the Dreamers are there, just that means something very, very bad is coming. It’s up to Riza, her new werewolf guardian, Luna, and the assortment of companions they collect along the way to unite with the other Dreamers, and figure out why they were summoned…before it’s too late.

DreamCatcher: Reflections is a fantasy adventure story told in the form of a series of kinetic novels–visual novels with a linear storyline and minimal “gameplay” elements. They feature tons of unique artwork (over 50 CGs in the first chapter alone!), a large cast of lovable characters, and will be released in, short, one-chapter updates every couple of months. Reflections is a reboot of the original long-running webcomic, DreamCatcher, and while it tells a slightly more “grown up” version of the story, it still features the same spirit and humor of the original. If you like fun fantasy reads with a JRPG/anime flare, then you’ll want to check this out!

Chapter 2 was just released, and both that and chapter 1 are available right here on itch.io!

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