Click here to play Cacophony: the Ballad of the Celestial Goblin-King!

Hello! This was not only my first game jam I’ve ever participated in, but the first video game I’ve ever made. I am a huge fan of the roguelike genre, and a lover of old-school, traditional roguelikes and MUD-games. I worked with two artists (all of the art and sprites are handmade, with the exception of the item icons and gold icon) and one other programmer to make this, and although it is by no means a perfect product, it is playable and functional and I’m very proud of it (and excited to continue to work on it in the future). It is intended to ultimately have two game modes: an endless mode (the one currently available to play, where you go from floor-to-floor as deep down as you can get before you die) and a story mode (complete with boss fights in between floors, dialogue, etc.). We have received a great deal of constructive feedback and criticism, and would like to take every opportunity we can get to continue receiving this kind of feedback so that we can build the best version of our game possible. 

Features that will be implemented in the near future:

 – Minimap

 – In-game tutorial

 – UI updates

 – Floor counter

 – Story mode (complete with boss fights, storyline, etc.)

 – Spells

 – Level/progression system 

 – Refreshing shops in between floors

 – Balance adjustments