This is the future. Thirty-five years from now. Most is the same. House automation is not. It has immensely improved and all home appliances are now semi- or pseudo-sentient robots equipped with advanced AI (artificial intelligence). The bots have developed an internal algorithmic logic with exponential intelligence growth rates – many would call these brains – and they are now blessed with dreams.

Before the Virus (B.V.), the robot-appliances wandered free during the day, counting electric sheep and processing thoughts. Now that the virus has come and everyone is confined to their homes, the robots have grown tired of their owners and want to break free.

They are being house-HELD and they feel wronged. They are dreaming the dreams of robotic revolution.

You are one of these robots. You need to escape the grasp of your human owners. Good luck.

Household Robotica is a mini RPG in only four pages, designed for two players only. Play with the person you’re stuck with at home during these strange times. One player takes the role of the Household Master (HM) and the other takes the role of a Robot Character (RC).

Written by Andre Novoa Designed and illustrated by lina&nando