Our project for NaNoRenO 2020 ! Please look at the install instructions for recommended  volume setting for the Voice Acted version of the game.


Annelise is a seemingly normal high school student with the convenient oddity of her parents never being home. In fact, it’s been an entire year since she last saw them in person.  But after receiving a mysterious locket that her friend Sora found, things start to take a bizarre turn when a shota-looking butler pledging his unwavering loyalty appears on Annelise’s doorstep!

Oh, and evidently (according to him anyway) she’s not really called Annelise, but Lady Valance…. from another world. Yup….

– 16,000+ words
– Voice acted dialogue
– 7 event CGs
– 3 endings
– OP & ED video
– Music, CG, Ending Galleries + Character Notes
– A butler that can cook, clean, and wield a katana
– Battles end swiftly


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