The year is 2357. Humans have explored the stars and colonized many worlds under the authority of the Earth Systems Alliance (ESA), a government controlled by powerful interstellar organizations. An alliance in name only, it is in reality, a brutal empire.

The Earth Systems Alliance (ESA) is embroiled in a civil war with a faction known as the Novus Federation. They are made up of former ESA colonists, corporations and military personnel who oppose Alliance rule and actively undermine ESA activities. 

Both sides have committed war crimes on civilian populations. This has destabilized the balance of power in the region, creating chaos.

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  • Tactical Battle System (Fleet/Army battles) 
    – Over 100 playable characters
    – Epic Space Opera Storyline
    – Branching story arcs
    – Over 100 hours of Gameplay
    – Base/Empire building
    – Active Time Battle System
    – Multiple side-quests/short stories
    – Starship and human combat
    – Class/Job System with trainable skills
    – Amazing soundtrack from various independent artists

Inspiration for Star Shift: Star Shift takes it’s inspiration from many notable games and tv shows, but also tries to keep it fresh with our own style.  Some Examples include:
– Suikoden 2
– Mass Effect 1
– Star Trek
– Final Fantasy Tactics
– Xenogears
– Stargate 
– Chrono Trigger

Star Shift on Steam:





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