Hey all,

Here’s a thing I’m working on while stuck in lockdown – game page here.

I started out making just a prettier version of The Heist (ColecoVision), then thought “Hey, wouldn’t MegaMan/Blaster Master-style wall-grinding be cool in this?“, then (again) got hugely inspired by the TIGSource 5734L3R thread, you know how it goes 😀

So if you want, enjoy some sneaking in the shadows, avoiding intellectually-challenged automated security, and grab every sparkly golden thing that isn’t nailed down.

Current version has 2 Levels, but unlike a lot of my uploads, it’s art and audio-complete (at least, more or less) and each Level has a sprawling, interconnected nature. There are always a few different ways of reaching the loot total, and rewards for inquisitive explorers.

Source: itch.io