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Whether you are on Windows, Linux or Mac we got you covered, so if you like a chill game with some action, some puzzles and lots of exploring then give it a try today.

We’ve uploaded the demo to various sites, including here on IndieDB:

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Demo 01

We’ve modified the menu screen in the demo so you got easy link access to the Steam store and our Discord server. We’d really appreciate a Wish List add on Steam if you enjoy this demo and would like to play the full game when it is released.

Demo 03

In the demo, you will get to explore a small area of Metis, the first of four planets, and solve 3 of the many puzzle rooms that the full game will contain.

After completing the 3 puzzles you are rewarded with the next level automatic weapon called the ‘Netgun’, so you can go on a blasting spree and hunt more enemies while exploring the rest of the area.

Demo 02

Discord Server

If you fancy chatting with us or talking about the game, then you can also join us on our Discord server with the following link.

To entice you even further to try out our game, have a look at our latest trailer of the full game below to see what the full version will offer once out in June.

Steam Wish List

We hope you enjoy the demo and find it fun, and we hope it will get you keen on playing the full version of SAMA when it hits the stores in June.

To keep up to date with the full release add it to your Steam wish list today.

Source: Indie DB