An Outcry is a 10 minute reading device; call it a visual novel, interactive fiction, what have you.

DOWNLOAD HERE; Tips are appreciated.

The writing and voice work were created by myself, Quinn K

The game assets, including art, music and even the code were done by Jack King-Spooner

What’s this about, then?

I am unable to directly disclose much about the story behind the text itself here; if I did I would most likely be chased down by an angry mob.

So, for the sake of civility: It is a simple tale of a person being preyed upon by a birdheaded creature and its companions, the shrikes, as they run to the woods from their apartment catching fire.

And nothing more than that.

Wait. I know of Jack – but who are you?

I’m new to itch; have been a pretty active, though rather private writer since 2012. Got a publication or two under my belt, nothing groundbreaking, and nothing anyone really needs to have heard of either (much less in the English-speaking world; my mother tongue is German).

Speaking of that though, do check Jack out. He’s been nothing but lovely throughout this entire development process – heck, even the fact he agreed to work on this itself was lovely of him.

He, incidentally, made the OST, for purchase here, without which the remainder of this thing would not have come out as strong.

What’s your deal, then?

…oh, you want to know more about me? Jack is honestly more interesting, but – sure.

Half a year ago, I had a game idea that was supposed to be around ten times the size of this particular salvaging of it. Long story short, bad things happened (some of them my fault), I got quite under water financially and when the viral pandemic hit, employment was out of the question.

This is, in a sense, the opposite of that original game’s platonic ideal. But that’s why I sat down with Jack King-Spooner to make it – cause I’m pretty sure we both think Plato is daft. Don’t know for certain, would have to ask him.

Wh-what. I just played this game, and it left me confused and unsettled. What gives?

That is in equal parts my fault and Jack’s. If you want to try and find meaning in the writing specifically, I have one word for you: Intertextuality.

Do you actually sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger when you speak English?

No. Also, the inspiration for the accent was actually Norbert Grupe, also known as “The Boxing Prince.”

I’ve made my peace.


Don’t disappear like the smoke into the night.