Morituri Arenam Dominus

MAD is a mix of a multiplayer arena slasher and a gladiator manager. Buy gladiators and take control of them for blood and glory against opposing schools!


Play as a Lanista, a trader and trainer of gladiators, and assemble a school of warriors as you see fit. Then choose your champion to fight against opposing ludus for glory!

Meet the Team

Alejandro, André and João

We are Alejandro, André and João (in order). 3 friends with a passion for games who are looking to break into the industry and make a name for themselves. Currently we’re university students on the last semester of a bachelor’s degree in Videogames.

We work with all kinds of stuff as it’s needed, but each one of us has a main focus and area of expertise. Alejandro and João being Programming, and André being Art.

Team Goals

Our main goals with this project are to learn industry tools that will boost and help us succeed in our career, such as:

  • Online multiplayer
  • Triple A graphics
  • Motion capture animation

Not only will these tools give us an incredible amount of knowledge, they will also make our game
standout, something that’s also necessary in the wake of many good projects.

Core Values

The core values, that serve as standing points or pillars for this project are the fierce and brutal combat with lots of blood, it’s ancient rome setting with realistic focus, and it’s online features.



pp gladiators

We plan on starting with 2 gladiator types and polishing them as much as possible before adding any more. The playable gladiators will be the Murmillo and the Thraex, the most iconic and recognizable ones:

  • Murmillo: wore a helmet with a stylized fish on the crest, an arm guard, a loincloth and a belt, thick wrappings and short greaves. They are heavily armored gladiators, carried a gladius and a tall, oblong shield in the legionary style.
  • Thraex: used a broad rimmed helmet that enclosed the entire head, distinguished by a stylized griffin. Used a medium round or square shaped shield. His weapon was the Thracian curved sword.

Sneak Peek

Here’s a small sneak peek of what we’ve been developing recently:

Working from Home

During these hard times we need to protect ourselves, but the show must go on! So, it’s only proper to show off our workstations:


Stay tuned for more updates(we’ll post at least once a week)! Also, be safe and stay at home!

Source: Indie DB