Enter the World of Creature Lands!👹 2D Action RPG Experience in a magic world full of unique creatures.

Defeat waves of Creatures in each Level and progress until you find the Boss of each area. Once you beat him a new area will be available to hack and slash all of its Creatures! Watch the trailer and dive into the world of Creature Lands! ⚔️ Dungeon System with waves of creatures! 🛡️ Fully customizable hero character! ⚔️ Equip and Enhance Legendary Equipment! 🛡️ Unlock Elemental Magic Skills! ⚔️ Unique levels, creatures, equipment and magic skills! 🛡️ Travel to different Lands each with many hand drawn environments! ⚔️ Epic and Rewarding Boss Fights! Creature Lands awaits you to travel through dangerous lands full of creatures. A 2D Action RPG experience for mobile.👹


Movement: W-A-S-D or Arrow Keys

Jump: Space Button:

Attack: Left Mouse Button:

Magic Skills: 1,  2, 3, 4

PLAY IT NOW: https://savvu-games.itch.io/creature-lands-2d-action-rpg

Source: itch.io