You wake up in a desert and guess what? YOU CAN’T REMEMBER ANYTHING. Totally original idea here. (Don’t hate – I said it’s inspired by Arabian Nights, which gleefully throws stories together from different centuries, cultures, and continents.) You sign up with a passing caravan to protect their camels and their precious trade goods from monster attacks. In exchange, they give you a dagger and a name.

This game started from a Ludum Dare project with a theme of “Start with Nothing”. After an hour of brainstorming, the idea I came up with was that your protagonist would start off with no memories and no name (and no water, while in the middle of the desert). The story evolved from there. Since the jam ended, I’ve been expanding the prototype into a full-fledged game. I’m excited to share this open-access-demo-beta-type thing with the world!

You can check out the game at I’d love to hear what you think. (If you don’t hear back from me this next week, that’s only because I’m in the middle of moving to Boston for a nursing assignment.)


Thanks for checking it out!