By: Rémi Verschelde Jun 27, 2016

As a relatively young game engine on the market (at least with regards to our open sourcing two years ago), we are often asked to showcase what are the features of the engine. But an engine such as Godot has hundreds of features catering to different use cases, and it’s obviously difficult to do them all justice; especially when cool new features keep incoming in the development branch!

Showcasing Godot-made games

So the best solution for this is to let you, the game developers, showcase what you can do using Godot! Games of all genres, 2D and 3D, with simple or very complex gameplays, story-rich or casual… Godot can be used for all those games, and you can help show this to the world!

To this extent, we created a Showcase portal (check the navigation bar!) that displays a curated list of published and in-progress games developed by members of the Godot community. The page itself is a first draft and is bound to be improved little by little based on your feedback and ideas. In a first time, please add your comments to this broad GitHub issue, to gather everything in one place.

Currently the page can list every entry with a name, screenshot, short description, tags and category, as well as a link to the reference homepage for the said game.

Proposing content

We pre-filled the page with some known indie and libre games developed by active community members; we know however that there are many other Godot games out there that would be worth showing on this page.

There is currently no automatized system for you to propose new entries, so we will do it the good old way: by sending emails to the webmasters (webmaster @ godotengine · org).

Please include the following information:

  • Name of the game
  • Short description
  • URL: Project website, Steam store page, git repo, etc. – the most relevant one.
  • Category: Finished, WIP or Demo.
  • Tags: Check other entries to see what tags could be relevant.
  • Screenshot(s): Currently we only display one but this might change soon. Make sure that they have an aspect ratio similar to existing entries (4:3).
  • Screenshot of the project opened in the Godot editor: This is just to check visually that it is indeed a Godot game, so that we don’t start showcasing projects from other engines 😉 (not necessary if the source code is available, as we can easily check then).

We might then cherry-pick some of our favorite entries (with your permission) for our next video showcase. In the meantime, here’s the first one again:

That’s it! Looking forward to getting submissions and discovering some great new games developed with our beloved engine!

Source: Godot Engine Official